Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Maria`s Magazine

Well, remember when Mimi_mami started her magazine called Beauty, well it looks like Maria is making her magazine again with help from a long time friend Dodence_bt! She will be paying him 50 stardollars a month for 20 pages, the magazine is coming cheap for Maria, but will it be the result she wants.

Update: Maria isint starting a magazine... :l shame..

Of course, I cant finnish an article without a 'Fashion', Maria is wearing wet look ELLE tights, chunky platforms, a grey blaza from E&J, and a new 2010 S/S Chanel bag that costed her 20000 stardollars. I talked to Maria and she says 'I just fell in love with the bag, and It goes with the giant collection', she also says 'I haven't been in business for 10 months, so I am not as wealth on money as I use to, but my new projects should be a hit', lets hope so Maria because we sure hope your bag collection is as good as your personality!


  1. Do you know the meaning of best friends playing around?

  2. Well it didn't appear that way to me Maria :) I was perfectly nice, and didn't say anything mean in this post so I wouldn't back stab me If i was you!

  3. I didn't back stab you hah. I was just speaking out the truth. My bag collection can be big and my personality is as good (love this part!)

  4. Love the blog! We are going to need it because I think I maybe done with KOM. Is this Devie44 whose the owner of the blog?

  5. Nope Im not Devie44! Nobody knows me on my 'x' account! :)

    Maria: Haha ;)